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NPI offers the following advisory services under the GETS program, contract number 9800-GTA0002958-NPI.

Software Purchase and Renewal Financial Analysis Services

For large software purchases and renewals such as Microsoft, Oracle, Computer Associates, SAP, VMware and more, NPI offers price benchmark analysis, license optimization advisory and negotiation strategy services to help agencies reduce cost and risk, and maximize flexibility.

Software Compliance Risk Assessment Services (License Position Assessment)

Think of it as preventative maintenance. Proactive self-auditing of your largest software estates from vendors who are known to conduct audits (such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe and MicroFocus) is a risk management best practice, and NPI delivers support well before your next renewal or true-up, allowing you plenty of time for decision-making and remediation implementation.

Software Audit Preparation Services and Software Compliance Audit Defense and Mitigation Services

Once a software license audit has been initiated, our vendor-specific license and audit management experts will guide you through every step of the process. NPI helps you control the cadence, avoid self-incrimination, establish an independent license position, validate the vendor’s data accuracy, identify vendor misinterpretations and negotiate the optimal outcome. We work with you to minimize and mitigate penalties and reduce future audit risk.

This brochure provides additional information about NPI’s software compliance and audit services.

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